Dr Chris James - artist, writer, researcher, critical theorist and transpersonal psychotherapist.

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I am an active artist, writer, researcher, life coach and therapist. I live on a rural property in Gippsland where I have a consultancy in art and discourse therapies. I also teach art and philosophy at schools and institutions in Victoria and lecture on research and related topics.  

My own life-world is rich and rewarding and I would like to share my skills with anyone who wishes to improve their life journey by exploring their deeper levels of consciousness and the unconscious. The work is oriented towards being holistically creative, confident and happy.

People who choose to work with me engage in an exercise of self-healing. In this way, together we contribute to healing the world. In transpersonal art and discourse therapy everything is inter-related. Every individual earth-walk has an impact on the planet. The way we treat the earth is mirrored in the way we treat ourselves and all other life-forms around us. As we bring peace into our own lives so too do we begin to bring peace to other regions of the world. Everything begins with a thought. In this respect, we are one family, one consciousness, one universe.

I have an exstensive background in discourse theory, philosophy and social politics. My role as an art and discourse therapist is to get people to think deeply about their lives and emotions in order to bring about the desired transformations and achievements.

I believe that life is constantly shifting and transforming and to manage this well demands daily rituals of examined thoughts, gratitude and mindfulness. Positive thoughts attract positive actions, generosity brings abundance. This requires a personal commitment. It means learning the art of conscious thinking and being able to track and change thoughts, the process is twofold, a focus on care for the self and a focus on care for the environment and others who inhabit it. This practice happens through art, meditation, mindfulness and learning constant appreciation.

I believe we can learn these enhanced skills through a number of enjoyable activities such as talking, walking, drawing, painting, beadwork and sand-play, writing, chanting, dream-work, listening to music, meditating, breathing and more. In transpersonal art and discourse therapy we learn to understand ourselves by discovering how to take control of our thoughts and emotions and how to transfer them into the external world in productive and meaningful ways.

Dr Chris James, 2017

Doctor of Communication.
Masters in International and Community Development.
Master in Psychoanalytic Studies.
B.A. Hons. [Literature, Comparative Studies and Womens Studies].
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